Five quick and strategic ways to use your end-of-year media budget

1. Podcasts


Podcasts.  They are cool, right?  And gaining more and more listeners each month.  Guess what most people with money and passion are listening to on the subway, in their car, or as they walk to and from work? Podcasts are a great way to elegantly connect your brand to smart people who care about stuff. The voice-read format also lends itself to last minute buys when creative may not be ready. We have done extensive work in this arena and have relationships that get us early access to high-demand inventory, as well as emerging content creators.

2. Airports


Yes, Q4 is the busiest time for most US airports, inclusive of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means it’s a good time to advertise there. New digital units and free wifi allow for more dynamic and engaging advertising opportunities that are actionable. Not to mention the increased time for travelers to interact with your messaging due to inevitable delays. Interested? — We have an amazing deal that would put your brand in front of 88 million eyeballs during the busiest time of the year!

3.  National cable television buy with data attribution  


Did you know you can reach millions of potential customers quickly and efficiently with cable TV? You might not think it’s affordable and trackable, but it’s both. We can target your audience using their demo and behavioral profiles and then track the campaign performance and conversions. AND TV is still a powerful way to reach women and millennials. According to Nielsen Scarborough, among women 18-34, 80% have watched cable in the past 7 days; 77% live in a household with cable TV, and they watch 13 hours of it per week. You might be surprised as well that college football fans are 30% more likely to own a business, 19% more likely to have investable assets worth more than $150,000, and 42% more likely to take action after seeing a sponsorship—furthermore nearly half of all college football viewers this season were female (77.5 million) and 28.7 million were millennials.   

4. Transit and Out of Home in your best performing markets


 Why not amplify awareness and drive traffic to your brand or organization during the time of year when minds and wallets are open? We know every market in the country intimately and can get you a present there quickly and efficiently.  Heard of  Well, we handled out of home and experiential for their launch and market sustain, and we did it for much much less than you’d think—and we can do it for you.  Check out this interview we did on this subject recently.

5. Radio


Do you know what people do when they are in their car driving to and from work and the other stuff in their lives?  They listen to the radio--terrestrial, satellite, and internet--and we can get your brand on it to reach your target consumer quickly and for much much less than you’d ever imagine.  

While each of these directions are recommended, they are even better when they are part of a mix.  We developed a way to help think about that mix and how to create it that we call the STARS System  

We’d love to get your brand activated in the market quickly and efficiently!  Please contact us at ASAP to discuss and understand your options.  No obligations, just real talk about how to harness the power of media strategically.