Top markets “takeover” for new product launch


E*TRADE needed a high-impact out of-home rollout of their new “Type E” campaign to sync up with their broadcast and online schedule — and they needed it fast — so they tapped WiT to deliver the media solution.


Mapping customer data to strategic placements, WiT’s media strategy maximized brand visibility and value targeting 7 top US markets including:

  • A domination of New York’s Penn Station, the #1 transit hub in the #1 US Markets
  • High-impact Double Decker Bus placements to catch the financial cores of each city from NY, DC, SF, and Chicago, to Miami, Philadelphia, and Boston
  • Strategic, high-circulation taxi top media in multiple markets to surround and remind customers


  • Post campaign launch, E*TRADE net income for the quarter was $78M, up 34.5% year over year.
  • Total net revenue for E*TRADE climbed 5.9% in the campaign year.
  • The campaign delivered over $900k in media savings and added value.